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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek
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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek

Learning to compliment effectively

Coert VisserComplimenting is attractive for many people. Most people prefer to and view it as more constructive to say something positive than to say something negative. After all, who does not want to be appreciated for what he does?
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

Resolve as strategy
It is not the strategy but the implementation
David CreelmanThe critical element of strategy is resolve. So donít focus on improving your strategy. Focus on how to improve resolve. We can learn from fat smokers.
[ Human Resources , Article ]

How emotional are your business goals?
Some arguments against corporate blogging
Luc de RuijterCorporate blogs are like the corporate polls and forums from the haydays of the internet revolution. These were short lived hypes, well marketed by IT-vendors. What binds all these gimmicks is their lack of practical purpose other than the seemingly never ending quest for interaction amongst communication advisors.
[ IT / Internet , Article ]

Moving FORWARD with solution-focused change
A results-oriented and appreciative way of making progress
Coert Visser, Gwenda Schlundt BodienThe solution-focused approach has helped coaches, trainers, consultants and managers to be more effective in realizing their goals. Moreover, it has often made their work more enjoyable. This article presents a simple, new, and - hopefully - sticky model to describe the solution-focused approach: the FORWARD-model.
[ Business Services , Article ]

Selling Professional Services
Five-steps towards a more effective services sales process
Mark HordesSelling professional services is quite different from selling products. 5 Steps to improve the professional sales process in support of the overall services sales strategy. A hands on approach! Already a quick scan of this contribution will provide you with suggestions directly applicable to your business.
[ Marketing , Article ]

Organizational Innovation in Historical Perspective
Part 2 Change management as Ďpolicy down, actions upí
Willem MastenbroekChange efforts often does not live up to their promises because the line organization is involved in rather awkward ways. Project groups, task-forces, steering committees, special coordinators and elaborate training programs obstruct the commitment and the responsibility of bosses and workers. An approach more focused on the responsibilty and commitment of the regular organization is described and clarified with many examples.
[ Change Management , Article ]

Organizational Innovation in Historical Perspective
Part 1 New types of organizations are not new
Willem MastenbroekDo we need new paradigms and 'breakthroughs'? What has proved its value over the centuries may give us something to hold on. So-called new types of organizations are recent expressions of the evolution of steering and self-organization. The changing balance between closer interdependencies and more autonomous units is related to competitive strength.
[ Strategy & Administration , Article ]

Organizational Resilience in Times of Crisis
Does the people centered philosophy still work during crisis?
Coert VisserIs laying-off people during crisis a good strategy? Some organizational research is stating this does not work and may backfire even. The situation in the American airline industry after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was an almost unparalleled crisis. An excellent chance to take the test. Which companies proved to be most resilient and why?
[ Strategy & Administration , Article ]

Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship
You donít have to be a natural to get better at this
David MaisterMost young professionals realize that skill in generating business will be an important determinant of their success. However, many believe that, in the early stages of their career, they do not have much opportunity to develop these skills. This could not be further from the truth.
[ Business Services , Article ]

Constructive and activating management techniques
Tips for staying results focused and appreciative while directing people
Coert Visser, Gwenda Schlundt BodienDirecting people can be a challenging task. What should you do when an employee reacts defensively and does not acknowledge the point you are trying to make? Or what about an employee who raises all kinds of different subjects and one who complains utterly? This article describes a tool for dealing effectively with different kinds of resistance by employees.
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

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Indeed, the interview thrown insight into the crux of the problem i.e. downsizing. Very few studies...
K. Srinivasa Rao
Don't treat the symptoms, treat the illness
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
Richard Peters
Treat the illness, not the symptoms
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
Richard Peters
Solution-focused change blog
Here is my English blog dedicated to solution-focused change: http://solutionfocusedchange.blogspot....
Coert Visser
Re: People want to be heard
Richard Peters makes a relevant point in arguing that it's not blogs that are the culprit, but the p...
Luc de Ruijter
Mensen willen gehoord worden
Een blog is op zich het probleem niet, de mensen ook niet. Het is de afstemming binnen de hele organ...
Richard Peters
Thanks for promoting my brand! Best regards, Frans Duurland...
Frans Duurland
Different period
Dear Robert, US Airways and America West merged a while ago (within the last two years). The study...
Coert Visser
USAirways is America West
USAirways is America West. This article with both entities separately listed is deceiving. ...
Robert Byrd
Attorney at law
An excellent, well reasoned and balanced article....
A. Paul Ingrao