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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek
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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek

Organizational behavior in historical perspective
Part 2 Emotion management, status competition and power play
Willem Mastenbroek"His manners are no good, he is a nervous extrovert, so he may be doomed!" In our times we often judge our fellow workers according to their ways of emotion management. In former days early factory owners experienced great difficulty to control violence, abuse of alcohol, obscene language and sexual intercourse. These behaviors seem to be more in control nowadays but what happens with the underlying drives and emotions?
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

Organizational behavior in historical perspective
Part 1: The taming of emotions
Willem MastenbroekThe current high degree of self-discipline and control looks quite natural and selfunderstood. It definitely is not. Morerover our ways of emotion management show a close relation with patterns of power and dependency. This is another neglected area. How helpful is modern skill-training in its disregard of emotional drives and power differences?
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

New Forces in Performance Management
It's a good time for HR managers to start exploring
David CreelmanMany enterprise performance management projects are disasters. Still, it concerns a very promising idea. Twenty years from now everyone will have some kind of enterprise performance management system. It's a good time for HR managers to start exploring this area.
[ Human Resources , Article ]

Managing strengths in three steps

Coert VisserLarge-scale international research by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton (2001) has revealed that effective managers do not emphasize weaknesses and limitations but strengths. Many managers still have to learn this. Because most find it a lot easier to talk about weaknesses than about strenghts. This article introduces an approach which you can apply directly.
[ Human Resources , Article ]

When will the Q-Project finally be finished?!

Willem Mastenbroek"Responsibility for improvement belongs in the line!" Everybody always agrees with this statement. Subsequently, every effort is made to undermine that responsibilty. Regular change management promotes irresponsible behavior! This applies to TQM and many other change programs. An approach that links up directly with the line organization is summarized.
[ Quality & Client , Article ]

Resistance: how do you handle your emotional response towards it?

Odette MoeskopsManagers often feel personally affected by resistance they experience at work. As a result, managers and their organisations could find themselves trapped in a negative systemic pattern. Systemic patterns are self-reinforcing processes of action and reaction. When change processes stagnate, the same patterns seem to repeat themselves. A managerís emotional response to resistance constitutes an important obstacle to seeing these feedback patterns and overcoming them. In this article we show how this mechanism works.
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

Donít Shoot The Staff
Together you can achieve high performance
Sharon McGannMost HR professionals know that the key to performance success is to make performance a focus of regular conversations, not just an awkward annual event. Here are some basic guidelines to help you coach your managers to performance success.
[ Human Resources , Article ]

Using Knowledge Management and E-learning for Strategic Change

Pieter Bas Leezenberg , Burt Rost van Tonningen en Emiel SchoonhovenE-learning as a vehicle for cultural change within an organisation. Far too often, organisations have difficulty keeping up with the continuous change they face. Knowledge management and e-learning in particular can help greatly in this regard. The authors outline how issues can be broken down into manageable, practical projects in order to bring about the necessary cultural change.
[ Knowledge Management , Article ]

Thought Leaders: Wayne Cascio on Responsible Restructuring
An interview with Wayna Cascio
Rich DiGeorgioWayne Cascioís latest book is Managing Human Resources: Productivity, Quality of Work, Profits. He recently spoke with Rich DiGeorgio about the book and his work.
[ Human Resources , Article ]

Revisiting the Balanced Scorecard

David CreelmanThe BSC seems to be doing quite well: 60 procent of firms use it and satisfaction with the scorecard is high. There are, however, problems regarding its implementation. Our correspondent in Canada has reviewed how companies tend to use a balanced scorecard and the complications that often arise.
[ Performance Management , Article ]

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Don't treat the symptoms, treat the illness
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
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Treat the illness, not the symptoms
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
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USAirways is America West
USAirways is America West. This article with both entities separately listed is deceiving. ...
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Attorney at law
An excellent, well reasoned and balanced article....
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