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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek
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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek

Struggling with violence and fanatism
The development of negotiating skills
Willem Mastenbroek“We are living in the late Middle Ages!”, Norbert Elias remarked in 1984. Overcoming conflicts by peaceful means still seems to be the exception to the rule. Warfare, terror, ideological fanatism and flight are the normal ways mankind deals with conflicts of interests. Why and in what way did the skills of negotiation develop over the centuries. And how are we curbing in modern times fierce emotions and agressive impulses?
[ Personal Effectiveness , Article ]

Alternatives to Psychopatic Organizations
A review of: the book and film, The Corporation by Joel Bakan
David CreelmanPopular organisational structures of governance are often heavily criticised. Their disadvantages seem to outweigh their advantages. In some ways, they may even been seen as psychopaths. Why is this the case? And perhaps more importantly, are there other structures that are superior? And what should be the specific role of the government in improving the effectiveness of organisational forms? Our correspondent in Canada, David Creelman, discusses some new literature regarding these issues and suggests a way forward.
[ Strategy & Administration , Article ]

Managing Business Complexity

Pieter Klaas JagersmaComplexity is a manager’s many-headed monster. Managing complexity effectively to better serve the full range of customer needs can give you a leg up on the competition. Reducing complexity can significantly improve a company’s competitiveness by simultaneously lowering costs, improving customer benefits and cutting response times. Timely analysis can help companies master the increasing complexity of business.
[ Strategy & Administration , Article ]

Strategic sourcing; a bridge too far?

Teije Bakker , Matthieu Goede en Gert TeusinkThe concept of sourcing is gaining popularity in both organisation and management studies. This article offers a conceptual framework that regards sourcing as a strategic function of a company. Using a handful of real world examples, the authors illustrate how different levels of improvement in the sourcing function can be attained.
[ Supply Chain , Article ]

The Communication Brain Box
A Roadmap through Strategic IT, Telecom Solutions and Content Management
Burt Rost van TonningenIT experts often make technology so complicated that hardly anyone understands the meaning of their solutions as they relate to real life problems, sometimes not even a company’s own Board Members. What often arises is a Tower of Babel situation, in which different departments speak such a different language that resulting confusion causes a project to be terminated. The author stresses how corporate strategists must come to understand how IT, telecom and content management fit together. Everyone involved with the interaction of policy and IT will profit from a read.
[ IT / Internet , Article ]

How customers will foster your web culture
Customer oriented tools to build a corporate web culture
Sylvia van de Bunt-KokhuisThe second of two parts concerning ‘corporate web culture’, with this article focusing on the customer perspective. The author discusses the needs of the virtual customers and explores the tools that can be used by the web company to enhance its customer relations.
[ Quality & Client , Article ]

The virtual workplace and the company culture
Employee oriented tools to build a corporate web culture
Sylvia van de Bunt-KokhuisThe first of two parts concerning ‘corporate web culture’, with this article focusing on the employee perspective. With the workplace becoming more and more ‘virtual’, how will communication styles and employee behaviour change?
[ Human Resources , Article ]

Strategy in the new economy
Do the current methods for making a strategy remain valid?
Hans OosterhuisWith the recent developments of the so-called new economy, there’s reason to rethink the strategy and budget process. Oosterhuis does just this and argues that the strategic process should be drastically shortened.
[ Strategy & Administration , Article ]

The Knowledge Organization
Knowledge management = asset management
Burt Rost van TonningenIdentifying and implementing smart solutions is key to gaining a competitive edge in the new economy. The author explains how knowledge management has become asset management, simply because in this information age we no longer have other important assets.
[ Knowledge Management , Article ]

Designing the head office of a multinational corporation

Pieter Klaas JagersmaMultinationals are reorganising in response to the changing environment, hoping to capitalize on opportunities for growth. These new business challenges often lead to changing corporate focus and, consequently, a changing role for the headquarters.
[ Globalisation , Article ]

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K. Srinivasa Rao
Don't treat the symptoms, treat the illness
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
Richard Peters
Treat the illness, not the symptoms
Reading your response, Luc, I'd like to clarify some of my writing. I think you paraphrased it quite...
Richard Peters
Solution-focused change blog
Here is my English blog dedicated to solution-focused change: http://solutionfocusedchange.blogspot....
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Re: People want to be heard
Richard Peters makes a relevant point in arguing that it's not blogs that are the culprit, but the p...
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Mensen willen gehoord worden
Een blog is op zich het probleem niet, de mensen ook niet. Het is de afstemming binnen de hele organ...
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Thanks for promoting my brand! Best regards, Frans Duurland...
Frans Duurland
Different period
Dear Robert, US Airways and America West merged a while ago (within the last two years). The study...
Coert Visser
USAirways is America West
USAirways is America West. This article with both entities separately listed is deceiving. ...
Robert Byrd
Attorney at law
An excellent, well reasoned and balanced article....
A. Paul Ingrao