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Do MBA's make lousy managers?

David Creelman

Got your MBA at Insead, Harvard or Erasmus University? That’s too bad. There are a lot of critics of MBA’s, but perhaps the most insightful is Dr. Henry Mintzberg. His latest book, "Managers Not MBA's: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development", makes a compelling case that businesses would be better off not hiring MBA's into management positions. Mintzberg's book has attracted a fury of criticism. This review by our Canadian correspondent, David Creelman, clarifies why MBA programs can be so damaging.

Master public administration
From:Jaap Reijling
Contribute:Do MBA's make lousy managers?
Section:Personal Effectiveness
Response:I feel inspired by a statement of Edgar Schein on management
"Cultural understanding is important for all of us, but it is
essential to leaders if they are to lead!"
We should understand what drives people in organisation. They are
not inspired by charts and maps, but by survival.
From:Coert Visser
Contribute:Do MBA's make lousy managers?
Section:Personal Effectiveness
Type:Reviews Henry Mintzberg is among the world's most revered management thinkers. His most recent book, Managers Not MBAs, looks at what it takes to develop managers and why MBAs don't generally make good ones. David Creelman (who has an MBA) met with Dr. Mintzberg to explore these ideas.


Coert Visser

Does Studying Economics Inhibit Cooperation?
From:Coert Visser
Contribute:Do MBA's make lousy managers?
Section:Personal Effectiveness
Response:Following up on what Hans Cornielje mentioned: the American economist Robert H. Frank has found in research that sudying economics appears to inhibit cooperative behavior. Students of economics are thourougly confronted with the too simple 'rational man' or 'homo economicus' theories which dominate economics and as they do they get less and less inclined to show prosocial behavior.

For more information on this you may listen to this interview: or read this research description: or read this book:

Coert Visser
MBA is complement
From:Paul Delabastita
Contribute:Do MBA's make lousy managers?
Section:Personal Effectiveness
Response:An MBA program does not replace management skills, but complements them.

I liked the argument that for a good manager it is important to know the company, the business and the people. That does not exclude that quantitative decision making techniques are also important - as long as one knows what their limitations are...

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