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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Alternatives to Psychopatic Organizations

A review of: the book and film, The Corporation by Joel Bakan
David Creelman

Popular organisational structures of governance are often heavily criticised. Their disadvantages seem to outweigh their advantages. In some ways, they may even been seen as psychopaths. Why is this the case? And perhaps more importantly, are there other structures that are superior? And what should be the specific role of the government in improving the effectiveness of organisational forms? Our correspondent in Canada, David Creelman, discusses some new literature regarding these issues and suggests a way forward.

the new breed out of 'the cosmic egg'?
Contribute:Alternatives to Psychopatic Organizations
Section:Strategy & Administration
Response:was the dutch polder some years ago a profound miracle & hype example of how to organise their institutions in & on the waterbased land(scape) ... nowadays they are/ seem to be fed up with their stiff & stubborn (water)institution management.

one of their top!managers had the guts to introduce a antropology based human resource system & was praised by the land&waterlords ... but in the meantime ... he forgot the top-guideline for a leader ... and even confronted with his failure ... forgot/didnot dare to execute correction steps in order to pay 'his respect to one of his mission achieving warriors' .

A whole bunch of 'managers' tried to set him/her free, as well as advocates & lawyers ... How could they, for God sake!, know that they were also tested for their 'dear' prudence?

Could their be a possibility that the tradional 'cucumber-period' will be disturbed by a therapeutic 'typical Dutch scandal'?

:{this is not about ruud}:
Their alternative: Change or Die.
From:Paul Jansen
Contribute:Alternatives to Psychopatic Organizations
Section:Strategy & Administration
Response:Beyond legalities any organization is 'just' people working together on a common goal. Leaping ahead to alternatives won't do. Legal forms as any 'structure' will, as always, follow practice. In this case the practice of people working together for other (higher) purposes and in other new relationships will lead the way, and indeed the laws of economy will ensure that legislators and banks (corporations 'just making money') will follow suit and provide the means required as soon as the momentum is there. We never really change anything by changing structure; structure is changed to reflect the new ways of people. In this case especially the ways of people that feel 'making money' just is not enough anymore; people that are drawn to higher principles such as those of The EQnomy Manifesto.
So, as a wake-up call to those asleep, not knowing what is happening, you are indeed right on the mark. But they might meanwhile have become as psychopathic as the organizations they make up, so most probably they will follow the path of all dinosaurs before them... and make place for 'the new breed'.

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