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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship

You don’t have to be a natural to get better at this
David Maister

Most young professionals realize that skill in generating business will be an important determinant of their success. However, many believe that, in the early stages of their career, they do not have much opportunity to develop these skills. This could not be further from the truth.

David's weblog
From:Coert Visser
Contribute:Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship
Section:Business Services
Response:David Maister now has a weblog:


Self-Image of Universities
From:David Maister
Contribute:Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship
Section:Business Services
Response:The problem appears to be that most universities value things of the mind (intelligence, rationality, logic) but do not think that social skills are a worthy objective. They can only be studied respectably if they are turned into anthropology or sociology and examined intellectually. Few universities would accept that it is their job to develop their students' interpersonal skills, their character or their personality. In fact, they would not how to do it.

One of the keys is to understand that developing these skills is not about changing the subject matter or content of what universities teach, but HOW they teach. For example, if I am required to do a group project and everyone in the group gets the same "score" depending on the group's output, then I am forced to have the experience of learning how to get on with team members.

If we are to make our universities more helpful (and we must) then they must be better at designing different kinds of educational *experiences* like the group project. Only then will we, the students, have the chance to develop anything but our intellects.

underdevelopped social skills
From:M v Gestel
Contribute:Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship
Section:Business Services
Response:Dear Mr Maister,

I totally agree with your points made out in the article. I do however must say that for some people or graduates it is a hard thing to do, simple because they are not being tought any social skills at the university. I recently gained my master degree in business administration but prior to that a I gained a Bachelors degree in hotel management. The Hotel management school did not only educated me in management but also tought students in social skills, presentation skills as well as food and bevergage knowledge. When I started at the univesity I found it odd that the level of social skills, presentation techniques were so much under developed than at the hotel management school. In my opinion here still lies a change for universities.

Yours sincerely,

Maarten van Gestel
The Netherlands

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