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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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The art of blogging

Interview with David Maister: “Blogging helps me make progress”
Coert Visser

Blogging is exploding! Is it the next hype? Well known management author David Maister started his blog early in 2006. What are his ‘lessons learned’, what are his favorite blogs in the service industry, what blogs will survive? How to get interaction and response? A quote: “blogging, like everything else, is about relationships, not quick hits”.

Good blog tips
From:Krista Goon
Contribute:The art of blogging
Section:IT / Internet
Response:I've been a blogger for the past 3 years and what David said is true. It's easy to be controversial and get the traffic in but what every honest blogger needs are the constant readers who provide clear and useful engaging conversations on a ongoing basis. On the issue of blogroll, keep it to a minimum (I constantly update my blogroll and I don't necessary link to all who link to mine. It's not arrogance but being picky keeps one exclusive and original). Don't overwhelm your blog readers with a thousand blog links but pick and choose carefully. Your reputation (after all you ARE recommending these people's blogs) rests on this.
Other benefits of blogging
Contribute:The art of blogging
Section:IT / Internet
Response:Employees of a company have openly communicated on weblogs.

Although employees who blog arewriting both positive and negative things about their organizations, it appears that the positive outweighs the negative.

Nearly half of the study’s respondents (49%) think it’s ethical for employees to write negative things about the organizations they work for on a weblog.

A large percentage (79%) believe it is ethical for organizations to monitor information their employees have written on weblogs,

59% say it is ethical to discipline employees who write negative statements.

A huge majority (89%) said this was permissible to conduct research or measurement studies that focus on information their employees are blogging.and only four percent disagreed. However, in spite of this only three percent of the respondents said their companies had ever commissioned or conducted such research.

Nearly half (46%) of those from organizations not currently measuring employee blogging believe their companies will do so eventually.

Respondents were less likely to criticize, and more likely to disagree with disciplinary action, in cases where labor union represented employees, acting on behalf of the union, write negative statements about the organization they work for on a blog.
From:Sharon Lippincott
Contribute:The art of blogging
Section:IT / Internet
Response:This article validates my experience. My blog,, is almost four months old, and it's become a way of life. It is helping me focus my thinking and air ideas that would otherwise probably not be heard. I approach it in Artist mode, and having people tell me they read, enjoy and benefit from it is icing on the cake! Primarily the benefit for me, the writier, is the continual mental clarification.

Thanks for the validation!

Sharon LIppincott, aka Ritergal

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