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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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The organization as a prototype

Interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer
Coert Visser

“Managers don’t read in the relevant literature; management as a field is almost unique in its being disconnected from the relevant professional literature. It is amazing how even consulting firms, which supposedly are in the intellectual capital business, are incredibly ill-informed about theories and data on management”. What kind of solution Pfeffer has in mind? His recent book 'Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management' offers some answers.

Website evidence based management
From:Coert Visser
Contribute:The organization as a prototype
Section:Business Services
Response:Here is a website by Jeff Pfeffer and Bob Sutton dedicated to evidence based management:

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