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A basis indication costs excl tax to 500 euro per year. Each extra indication of this company description in an other heading costs 100 euro per year (a different company description in an other heading costs 500 euro). The invoice is transmitted after application by e-mail. After payment of the invoice your indication is activated.
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If the period of a year has expired you automatically receive an invoice for the next year by mail. If you pay within 14 days you remain mentioned in the Consultancy guide.

It is possible to incorporate a logo in the indication on the internet site. It is not possible to place this logo yourself, but you can send it to Managementsite. You find information how to get logos in the consultancyguide in your e-mail that you will receive for the affirmative of your application.
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 Supply Chain
 Human Resources
 Knowledge Management
 Quality & Client
 Government Management
 Personel Effectiveness
 Change Management
 Strategy & Administration
 Financial Management & Control
 Performance Management
 Online Self-Assesment
 Current Events
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