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Prof. Dr Willem Mastenbroek
Prof. Dr E. van de Bunt
Drs C. Visser



Editorial Staff

Knowledge-Center and Toolbox is an interactive and dynamic knowledge-center, constantly updated with new contributions from a topnotch editorial staff.  Readers respond on a regular basis with questions and their own ideas. The site serves as a platform for the sharing of experience and the development of practical knowledge with regard to solving the problems of managing and organising.  It is also our goal to help develop and encourage the personal effectiveness of managers and professionals.
The toolbox provides tailor-made diagnoses and advice concerning personal effectiveness.  Other tools offer advice about the market focus of the organisation itself, the strength of its competitors, the organisation culture, the performance management, the client focus, etc.

The cases consist of all-too familiar organisation problems.  The editorial staff and readers provide possible solutions, personal experience and advice.

Reviews and interviews provide information about the most recent trends.

The articles are concise and practical.  Along with each article-currently more than 400-you have the opportunity to relate your own experiences or submit your questions to the authors.

Interactivity is an essential element in this information system.  Readers regularly post columns full of their own ideas and experiences.  Readers can post such columns or respond are only screened by the redactie on some ambulatory forms as mentioned in the code or conduct. All other contributions on the site are carefully scrutinized by an expert team for their practical worth and readability.

New contributions are added weekly.  As part of their free subscription, readers receive a weekly newsletter that updates them with recent contributions, interesting literature and current developments.  Together, this represents a unique information system: there's no other site, within the Netherlands or abroad, that offers these possibilities. is an independent production, under the umbrella of Managementsite BV.  The concept was thought up by Prof. W.F.G. Mastenbroek, director/editor-in-chief.  Thanks to the efforts of the editorial staff, the support of sponsors and the income from advertisers, the site can continue to develop as an interactive and dynamic knowledge-center.

Information concerning a few issues in particular:
If you are interested in using our content outside the management site, please refer to our Conditions of Use. Are you familiar with our Code of Conduct?  As a platform for the exchange of experience and ideas, relies on certain rules of behavior--nothing too special, but nevertheless...

For questions concerning the log-in process, please send an e-mail to the Editorial Secretary.

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