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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Drs Coert Visser

'No' seems to be the hardest word
Interview with William Ury
Coert Visser"Whether and how we say No determines the very quality of our lives. It is perhaps the most important word for us to learn to say gracefully and effectively." William Ury, negotiation expert, co-author of the well-known book Getting to YES is convinced that the skill of saying No is indispensable. He explains this in his new book, The Power of a Positive NO.
[ Personal Effectiveness , Reviews ]

The organization as a prototype
Interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer
Coert Visser“Managers don’t read in the relevant literature; management as a field is almost unique in its being disconnected from the relevant professional literature. It is amazing how even consulting firms, which supposedly are in the intellectual capital business, are incredibly ill-informed about theories and data on management”. What kind of solution Pfeffer has in mind? His recent book 'Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management' offers some answers.
[ Business Services , Reviews ]

Economics finally on-track
Review of ‘The Origin of Wealth: Evolution, Complexity and the Radical Remaking of Economics’
David CreelmanAny professional needs to know a little about economics because so much of the talk about business refers to economic theory. The neo-classical economics we have all been taught is mainly nonsense. Is there an alternative? There is!
[ Financial Management & Control , Reviews ]

Combating Short -Termism - and Managing for the Long Run

Danny Miller and Isabelle Le BretonFamily businesses tend to outlast other companies by factors of two or three, and outperform in market valuations and returns on assets. Why the out-performance? A summary of a recent book by the authors themselves: “Managing for the Long Run” (Harvard Business School Press, 2005).
[ Change Management , Reviews ]

I Can’t Drive 55
Review of ‘Change Without Pain: How managers can overcome initiative overload, organizational chaos and employee burnout’.
Jim MortensenIn almost two-thirds of the industries studied, change projects decreased corporate survival. So the mantra is not “change or die” but “change and die”. Solution-focused and in the spirit of Keep It Simple Stupid – this book describes a method that works by using techniques that work. Abrahamson’s model puts people at the center of change efforts and duly recognizes that people, like even the strongest metals, can only be stressed so much before they fatigue and fail.
[ Change Management , Reviews ]

Review of the Heart of Change by John P. Kotter and Dan S. Cohen, Harvard Business School Press Book, Boston
Jim MortensenThere is so much talk about how often change efforts in organizations fail that it could make you wonder if successful organizational change exists at all. Well, it does. And by analyzing it we can learn about how to accomplish it. And this is exactly what John Kotter and Dan Cohen have set out to do in their book the Heart of Change. Jim Mortensen from Brigham Young University has written a very interesting review of this book. This book is not yet another analysis of how change so often goes wrong but attempts to answer the precise opposite question: when does organizational change go right and what happens when it does? Mortensen briefly summarizes the book and shares some thought-provoking reflections on its content.
[ Change Management , Reviews ]

The Mystery of Family Firms
Review of Managing for the Long Run: Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses, Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton-Miller, (Harvard, 2005)
David CreelmanFamily firms outperform public firms! What makes the difference? One of the conclusions: The lean-mean, bottom-lined focused firm is generally not the best design. Read this review.
[ Strategy & Administration , Reviews ]

Do MBA's make lousy managers?

David CreelmanGot your MBA at Insead, Harvard or Erasmus University? That’s too bad. There are a lot of critics of MBA’s, but perhaps the most insightful is Dr. Henry Mintzberg. His latest book, "Managers Not MBA's: A Hard Look at the Soft Practice of Managing and Management Development", makes a compelling case that businesses would be better off not hiring MBA's into management positions. Mintzberg's book has attracted a fury of criticism. This review by our Canadian correspondent, David Creelman, clarifies why MBA programs can be so damaging.
[ Personal Effectiveness , Reviews ]

The Nature of Organizations
Interview with Arie de Geus
David CreelmanArie de Geus has received international acclaim as an author. Here, he takes a critical stance in regard to the tendency to think in terms of ' shareholder value'. This mindset often leads to companies treating people like products or skills to be bought for a limited purpose before being disposed of. Other methods of 'governorship' must be found to serve as an alternative to the 'limited liability company'. De Geus outlines the possibilities that he sees.
[ Strategy & Administration , Reviews ]

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