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Coert Visser

A Solution for Avoiding Procrastination
Coert Visser
A Solution for Avoiding Procrastination
[Performance Management, Article]

Learning to compliment effectively
Coert Visser
Complimenting is attractive for many people. Most people prefer to and view it as more constructive to say something positive than to say something negative. After all, who does not want to be appreciated for what he does?
[Personal Effectiveness, Article]

'No' seems to be the hardest word
Interview with William Ury
Coert Visser
"Whether and how we say No determines the very quality of our lives. It is perhaps the most important word for us to learn to say gracefully and effectively." William Ury, negotiation expert, co-author of the well-known book Getting to YES is convinced that the skill of saying No is indispensable. He explains this in his new book, The Power of a Positive NO.
[Personal Effectiveness, Reviews]

The Growth Mindset
Interview with Carol Dweck, author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success
Coert Visser
Nowadays, there is a lot of talk about the 'war for talent' in organizations. How important is talent really? Can capabilities be developed or are they fixed? Should selection practices focus on finding the brightest people or should they focus on people with a great desire to learn? Is it worthwhile for managers to help people learn or is this merely a waste of time? In this interview with Carol Dweck of Stanford University, we find important and fascinating answers.
[Human Resources, Interviews]

The organization as a prototype
Interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer
Coert Visser
“Managers don’t read in the relevant literature; management as a field is almost unique in its being disconnected from the relevant professional literature. It is amazing how even consulting firms, which supposedly are in the intellectual capital business, are incredibly ill-informed about theories and data on management”. What kind of solution Pfeffer has in mind? His recent book 'Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management' offers some answers.
[Business Services, Reviews]

The only competitive advantage in professional services
Interview with David Maister - part 2
Coert Visser
How important is ‘marketing’ for a professional? What factors determine career success? How to improve the management of change? What is the first and only competitive advantage in professional services? These are a few of the questions David and Coert are discussing. Quote: “People think that marketing is about getting more business. It’s not. Marketing is about getting better business.”
[Business Services, Interviews]

The art of blogging
Interview with David Maister: “Blogging helps me make progress”
Coert Visser
Blogging is exploding! Is it the next hype? Well known management author David Maister started his blog early in 2006. What are his ‘lessons learned’, what are his favorite blogs in the service industry, what blogs will survive? How to get interaction and response? A quote: “blogging, like everything else, is about relationships, not quick hits”.
[IT / Internet, Interviews]

Organizational Resilience in Times of Crisis
Does the people centered philosophy still work during crisis?
Coert Visser
Is laying-off people during crisis a good strategy? Some organizational research is stating this does not work and may backfire even. The situation in the American airline industry after the terrorist attacks of 9/11 was an almost unparalleled crisis. An excellent chance to take the test. Which companies proved to be most resilient and why?
[Strategy & Administration, Article]

Managing strengths in three steps
Coert Visser
Large-scale international research by Marcus Buckingham and Donald Clifton (2001) has revealed that effective managers do not emphasize weaknesses and limitations but strengths. Many managers still have to learn this. Because most find it a lot easier to talk about weaknesses than about strenghts. This article introduces an approach which you can apply directly.
[Human Resources, Article]

Interview with David Maister
Coert Visser
'Messy emotions ' are often important drivers in organizations. Read what managment guru David Maister has to say about this. And what about all those management fads? What is really useful? What insights will stand the test of time? These are only some of the intruiging issues David Maister talks about in this interview.
[Business Services, Interviews]

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