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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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A Solution for Avoiding Procrastination

Coert Visser
A Solution for Avoiding Procrastination
[Business Services, Article]

Deliberately choosing simplicity

Dick Markvoort
In every organization there are forces at play which push it towards large, complex projects. By deliberately choosing for simplicity, you can make major savings in time and money and gain meaningful jobs for those involved.
[Business Services, Article]

Power and Influence
Secrets of Human-Capital Management
David Creelman
Secrets of Human-Capital Management
[Business Services, Article]

Moving FORWARD with solution-focused change
A results-oriented and appreciative way of making progress
Coert Visser, Gwenda Schlundt Bodien
The solution-focused approach has helped coaches, trainers, consultants and managers to be more effective in realizing their goals. Moreover, it has often made their work more enjoyable. This article presents a simple, new, and - hopefully - sticky model to describe the solution-focused approach: the FORWARD-model.
[Business Services, Article]

The organization as a prototype
Interview with Jeffrey Pfeffer
Coert Visser
“Managers don’t read in the relevant literature; management as a field is almost unique in its being disconnected from the relevant professional literature. It is amazing how even consulting firms, which supposedly are in the intellectual capital business, are incredibly ill-informed about theories and data on management”. What kind of solution Pfeffer has in mind? His recent book 'Hard Facts, Dangerous Half-Truths and Total Nonsense: Profiting From Evidence-Based Management' offers some answers.
[Business Services, Reviews]

The only competitive advantage in professional services
Interview with David Maister - part 2
Coert Visser
How important is ‘marketing’ for a professional? What factors determine career success? How to improve the management of change? What is the first and only competitive advantage in professional services? These are a few of the questions David and Coert are discussing. Quote: “People think that marketing is about getting more business. It’s not. Marketing is about getting better business.”
[Business Services, Interviews]

Young Professionals: Cultivate the Habits of Friendship
You don’t have to be a natural to get better at this
David Maister
Most young professionals realize that skill in generating business will be an important determinant of their success. However, many believe that, in the early stages of their career, they do not have much opportunity to develop these skills. This could not be further from the truth.
[Business Services, Article]

Interview with David Maister

Coert Visser
'Messy emotions ' are often important drivers in organizations. Read what managment guru David Maister has to say about this. And what about all those management fads? What is really useful? What insights will stand the test of time? These are only some of the intruiging issues David Maister talks about in this interview.
[Business Services, Interviews]

Detrimental co-operation
A rationale for improved appraisement of client's needs.
Lisa van de Bunt en Robin Janszen
In solving problems between partners, consultants tend to go with the strongest argument of the parties involved. Unfortunately, this does little to improve relations between the two. The solution must reflect both partners’ points of view.
[Business Services, Article]

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Website evidence based management
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Self-Image of Universities
The problem appears to be that most universities value things of the mind (intelligence, rationality...
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underdevelopped social skills
Dear Mr Maister, I totally agree with your points made out in the article. I do however must say th...
M v Gestel
Thank You and wishing more dialogues
The interview is inspiring as could be expected with these two professionals on professionals. For a...
Sebastiaan Aghina
Thanks and three questions about intuition
Dear mr. Maister en mr. Visser, THANK YOU First of all I want to thank Mr. Maister for his inspiri...
Sebastian Aghina