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Negotiating as emotion management
Prof. dr. W.F.G. Mastenbroek
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Knowledge Management

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Interview with Michael Shermer on skepticism and evidence based management
Voodoo science and evidence based management
Richard Puyt
We are the debunk squad of pseudo, voodoo, junk and bad science, says Michael Shermer. He is the founder of the Skeptics Society in California. Michael recently wrote the book, Mind of the Market. ManagementSite interviewed Shermer this summer on skepticism, blacks swans and the evidence based management movement.
[Knowledge Management, Interviews]

Using Knowledge Management and E-learning for Strategic Change

Pieter Bas Leezenberg , Burt Rost van Tonningen en Emiel Schoonhoven
E-learning as a vehicle for cultural change within an organisation. Far too often, organisations have difficulty keeping up with the continuous change they face. Knowledge management and e-learning in particular can help greatly in this regard. The authors outline how issues can be broken down into manageable, practical projects in order to bring about the necessary cultural change.
[Knowledge Management, Article]

The Knowledge Organization
Knowledge management = asset management
Burt Rost van Tonningen
Identifying and implementing smart solutions is key to gaining a competitive edge in the new economy. The author explains how knowledge management has become asset management, simply because in this information age we no longer have other important assets.
[Knowledge Management, Article]

Online coaching is human work
Cultural and social aspects of online coaching
Sylvia van de Bunt-Kokhuis
Modern multimedia facilitates the management development (MD) process, allowing for more trainees and managers to undergo online coaching. This article concentrates on the issue of online coaching and explores the competencies (knowledge, skills, behaviour) essential to it.
[Knowledge Management, Article]

The Role of the Knowledge Centre in Knowledge Management
The failings of decentralised knowledge facilitation. Choosing the opposite direction.
Boyd Hendriks
The failings of decentralised knowledge facilitation. Choosing the opposite direction.
[Knowledge Management, Article]

Virtual Networked Teams in Future Organisations
Building Blocks for a Knowledge-based Culture
Julie Coleclough
The author discusses the possibilities of virtual network teams in intensive surroundings serving as an engine for organisation change.
[Knowledge Management, Article]

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